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Master in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

Entry Requirements



Entry requirements

Applicants will typically be health professionals who have regular exposure to people with endocrine disorders and health-related backgrounds.

Admission academic qualifications:

  • LM-41 Degree in Medicine (Italian ex DM 270/2004) or second or single cycle degrees in equivalent subjects, also under previous degree programme systems (Italian DM. 509/99 and the older degree systems);
  • or another degree obtained according to the order prior to Ministerial Decree 509/99 of closely related content deemed appropriate by the Admissions Committee or by a specially appointed Commission;
  • Degrees obtained abroad deemed equivalent to those described in point a) by the Admissions Committee, for the purposes of admission to the Master’s Programme. Those candidates who believe that they possess an equivalent academic qualification for duration and content of the Italian academic qualification required for admission to the course may apply for admission, which will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee or by a specially appointed Commission.
  • Linguistic skills: Knowledge of English language

Selection criteria: Admission to the Master’s Programme is subject to the positive assessment of the candidate’s CV.


Incompatibility with other programmes

Under the terms of article 142 T.U. 1592/1933 of the Italian law, it is not permitted to register for more than one university degree programme at the same time. Therefore, students who participate in this professional Master Programme will not be able to register to any other Master’s, specialisation , PhD, or first or second cycle degree programme at the same time.


For more information please read the official decree and related documents of the Master course you can find here (Italian Language).




last update: 19-Dec-2017
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