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Master in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

Evaluation and Final Exam


The procedures for verifying the training activities consist of exams/tests carried out in e-learning mode, with a vote expressed in thirtieths and any mention of the praise or with a suitability assessment in the cases provided and communicated to the Student Administration Office by the Master's Coordinator.


Assessment will be based on the following: 

- More than seventy online tutorial lessons

- Twenty learning assessment questionnaires

- Twenty interactive correction-of-learning assessment questionnaires

- Four series of clinical case discussions at the end of every module

- Two periods lasting about 10 days, characterized by intensive study and interactive discussions

- Seven online symposia

- Nine online practice lessons

- A 10,500‐word research‐based paper to address one of the common aspects of a medical problem related to paediatric endocrinology and diabetes


Final exam

The final exam consists of a written exam in English or French.

last update: 19-Dec-2017
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