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Master in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes
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Anna Meyer Children’s University Hospital



Built in 1884 by the Marquis Giovanni Meyer in memory of his wife Anna, following her premature death, the Meyer Pediatric Hospital was one of the first structures in Italy of its kind to be dedicated exclusively children’s health problems, from birth to adolescence, and it quickly earned the affectionate nickname of “little hospital for children”.

After its construction, it went on to become a training ground for some of the fathers of modern pediatrics. Examples include Professor Giuseppe Mya and his crucial study of tuberculosis, and Dr. Carlo Colomba, famous for his research in infantile neurology and for his part in promoting the diphtheria vaccine – which halved the mortality rate among children admitted to hospital. Another was Professor Cesare Cocchi who, immediately after World War I, made vast steps forward in the fight against tuberculous meningitis, gaining international recognition for himself and Meyer.

In 1995, Meyer’s specialized status gained official recognition. On December 14, 2007, the hospital completed its re-modernization and relocation to Villa Ognissanti in the Florentine hills. Ospedale Meyer is not only an advanced treatment centre, but was also built using warm, natural materials to ensure a minimal impact on the surrounding centuries-old parkland. Within its walls, Meyer is fast establishing itself as one of the most dynamic centres for paediatric care in Europe.

Today, Meyer is one of the leading children’s hospitals in Italy and around the world thanks to the treatment, research and level of care it offers. The Centre for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology at Anna Meyer Children’s University Hospital has a national and international reputation in this area, both in clinical practice and in research.

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last update: 14-Feb-2018
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