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Master in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

Career Prospects

Our Postgraduate Master programme aims to create professionals who can independently access information and use the information to improve understanding of endocrine care. Therefore, this course provides appropriate post-qualification preparation for roles in Pediatrics, endocrinology, endocrine related specialist teams, and for allied health professionals aiming to provide endocrine-related services in primary care. It will prepare students to take a leadership role in the global context of paediatric endocrinology, diabetes, and endocrinology.


Students from Africa

A student who has attended and obtained a Master in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes will possess the cultural and experiential know-how for managing the endocrine pathologies of the child within the country of origin, spreading the culture in auxology, pediatric endocrinology and diabetes in the respective countries of origin. Finally, in addition to supporting a training project for doctors, pediatricians, endocrinologists in auxology, pediatric endocrinology and diabetes, a further objective of the Master’s is, in the African countries involved in this project, to create and activate, through the acquisition of these skills, networks of research and assistance in the field of these matters. This aspect is one of the most characteristic objectives of the Master itself.

last update: 19-Dec-2017
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