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Master in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes
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Associazione Amico di Valerio


The "amicodivalerio" association was formed by Valerio's parents who, after his death on October 18, 2010, together with other parents of children suffering from cerebral oncological diseases, wanted to transform the immense pain into the desire to raise money for research on these diseases that increasingly affect young lives.

our main goal is to make these diseases no longer just curable but also healing.

Another important goal for us is that of supporting families and children through dedicated psychologists who follow and support them in the long path of care.

In the support of families and children there is also the recreational activity that the association offers them to give a smile during the period of treatment in the neuro-oncology department.

Last but not least is another big goal that the association has set itself is to support a post-therapy follow-up protocol to stem and prevent the many side effects that remain or can take over after the treatment pathway is terminated.

We are sure that these children can dream again but only with our contribution and only through the right care, support, prevention and research.



last update: 08-June-2018
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