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The Italian Association of Dietitians (ANDID) is the only representative association of the professional profile of Dietitians on the Italian territory (Ministerial Decree 19th June 2006) .

It is member of CONAPS (Italian Coordination of Health and Care Professions), of EFAD (European Federation of the Association of Dietitians) and of ICDA (International Confederation of the Association of Dietitians). The mission of ANDID is to support the role that Dietitians perform in the field of nutrition and dietetic, with the aim of protecting the nutritional health of population and reducing health inequalities. In order to hit that target ANDID promotes the highest quality level of university studies, graduation and post-graduation, of professional practice, of research activities and partnerships. 

ANDID’s values guide the definition of association policies and strategies and the policies of collaboration and partnerships with public and private subjects.  These values are impartiality, equity, open-mindedness, collaboration and independence; and they find their widest expression in the association management policies, inspired by the Code of Deontology of this Association and the Code of Ethics and the Code of Good Practice, adopted by the European Federation of the Association of Dietitians (EFAD) in 2008.

The aims of ANDID are to:

  • Promote the development of the dietetic profession
  • Develop dietetics on a high scientific and professional level
  • Facilitate communication between national dietetic associations and other organisations – professional, educational, and governmental
  • Encourage a better nutrition situation for the population

These goals are pursued in collaboration with other associations of professionals, and with other European and International associations of Dietitians. Our stakeholders are: other associations of national and international health and care professionals, citizens, institutions, universities, non-governmental associations, the food industry and policy decision makers. Our collaboration with them reflects our independence in acting for the interests of population, which is the core of our professional intervention.

ANDID does not pursue any political, religious or financial ends.


last update: 02-May-2018
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