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FIMMG - Federazione Italiana Medici di Famiglia


FIMMG (Federazione Italiana Medici di Medicina Generale/Italian Federation of General Practitioners) is the national professional association and union of General Practitioners working in General Practice on the Italian territory.

Established in Genoa in the spring of 1946 with the name of FIMM (Federazione Italiana Medici Mutualisti/Italian Federation of Mutualist Doctors), it took its current acronym in 1979 when, following the establishment of the National Health Service, mutual entities were suppressed and the "qualification " of mutualist doctor disappeared accordingly.

About 60,000 general practitioners currently work in Italy, of whom 13,000 belong to the out of hours sector and more than 46,000 to the primary care sector. FIMMG now represents more than 26,000 physicians, that is about 64% of general practitioners belonging to a union.

Consistently with the responsibility of this representation, FIMMG has been long committed to encouraging an overall reappraisal of the role of family medicine, which is the fundamental point of reference in the current system of primary care.

As a professional and trade union association, FIMMG aims at protecting the interests of doctors working at the local level and liaising with the National Health Service and other institutions that provide healthcare services of general medicine, as well as ensuring dialogue with the political and social parties, in order to improve the health care organization in Italy.

FIMMG is a free, independent and nonpartisan association representing primary care physicians. It is divided into different areas reflecting the functional sectors in which local doctors operate, both within the National Health Service and in that of other organized forms of healthcare services.

The sectors in which FIMMG is divided are:

Doctors affiliated to the NHS for non-stop assistance (FIMMG Out of hours);

Doctors affiliated to the Health Emergency Planning (FIMMG Emergency Medical Services);

Doctors working in Prisons and providing General Practice care (FIMMG Penitentiary Medicine);

Doctors affiliated to Territorial Medicine and planned territorial activities (FIMMG Medical Services);

Doctors affiliated to the NHS to provide healthcare services to Mariners (FIMMG SASN);

Doctors affiliated to the NHS with a freelance contract to check the state of health of workers in sickness leave and / or for all institutional activities of the Social Security Service (INPS) (FIMMG-INPS Sector);

Special Sector of Doctors in training


Present throughout the national territory, FIMMG has a central headquarter, based in Rome, and

Regional, Provincial and Territorial offices, providing a local and significant presence in all the

healthcare sectors of the country. The provincial offices in turn make this presence operative by

electing delegates in each Local Health Unit at both corporate and district level.

To constantly update Family Doctors and make them acquire all the skills requested by their role,

FIMMG - through METIS, its Scientific Association - developed a series of initiatives and services

to manage the training of the physicians, in compliance with the directions provided by the CME

(Continuing Medical Education), through residential or remote (Distance Learning) educational

projects and research projects.

The Federation is also engaged in publishing and information services for medical doctors, through

its official magazine "Avvenire Medico" and its online newspaper "FimmgNotizie."


last update: 02-May-2018
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