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Master in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

Nascere Klinefelter Onlus


Klinefelter Syndrome (KS)

Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal differentiation in which a male individual possesses a supernumerary X chromosome (47, XXY) in the sex chromosomes. This genetic condition, little known but very frequent, occurs in about 1 male out of 500 live births.


 "NASCERE KLINEFELTER" is a no-profit association, with registered office in Rimini (Italy), but active throughout the National territory. Most of the activity is  focalized in prenatal, pediatric and adolescent sectors without neglecting adulthood.


The main purpose of the association NASCERE KLINEFELTER is to inform and support morally and psychologically parents waiting for a boy with disomy of the X chromosome.

The diagnosis of fetus with Klinefelter Syndrome, communicated by a team of sensitive experts and able to respond to any doubt, greatly reduces the shock and can avoid a termination of pregnancy


The NASCERE KLINEFELTER association also supports parents in every period of growth of their child from birth to adulthood, placing particular attention to the development stages of the first years of life, ensuring total availability for dialogue with minors and their families , making Klinefelter Syndrome known as a genetic condition that involves not only those affected, but also family members and all citizens in both local and regional and national levels.


In the full respect of privacy and if they wish, the Association NASCERE KLINEFELTER encourages friendships between parents of children and teenagers and / or adults with Klinefelter Syndrome facilitating the mutual exchange of experiences, tips and suggestions even using social media such as Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp groups dedicated to every age.


We can be reached at , Tel. (+39) 334 8666176, E-mail: .


The NASCERE KLINEFELTER Association works constantly to create and maintain a stable and valuable network of collaboration with medical specialists, such as geneticists, endocrinologists, pediatricians, psychologists, etc. able to delete any fear and provide correct information from the most advanced centers and  about the most advanced and effective therapies.




last update: 02-May-2018
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