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SIP Società Italiana di Pediatria


Starting from birth and for the whole life: the Italian Pediatric Society (Società Italiana di Pediatria, SIP) started its activities in far 1898 proposing an innovation that would have signed a enormous change for the coming decades: separate the care of sick children from adult general medicine. With its 10 thousand members, SIP represents a common home for all Italian Pediatricians with the participation of those working for Universities or in Hospitals, or in the Community or as Family Pediatricians.

Our mission is: “to promote and protect physical and psychic health of newborns, children and adolescents of every culture and ethnicity safeguarding their rights in society from conception on”.

The principal activities are: continuous education for Italian Pediatricians; scientific information regarding pediatrics for Health Autorities, Physicians, Families and Associations; consultancy for Institutions – from the Health Ministry to Regional Health Departments, from the two Parliament Houses to Italian Provinces and Municipalities – in regards to problems related to early childhood and adolescence.

19 regional sections, 17 affiliated scientific societies with specific competences, 8 study groups with different interests and competences refer to SIP.

To reach its objectives  the Italian Pediatric Society uses different communication tools:

○ The Society’s web site 
○ Italian Journal of Pediatrics, the Society’s Scientific Panel

○ Prospettive in Pediatria, Journal for continuous education and cultural discussion
○ Area Pediatrica, offcial panel for continuous education in Pediatrics
○ Conoscere per Crescere, Journal of Italian Pediatricians for associations, schools and families
○ Pediatria, the Society’s magazine
○ social networks, Facebook and Twitter


The Italian Society of Pediatrics has started numerous projects for promotion, health safeguarding and care enhancement, some of these are:

  • Elaboration of the Lifelong Vaccination Calendar (together with other Scientific Societies) which represents the scientific foundation of the new National Vaccination Plan of the Ministry of Health.
  • Communication and Information campaigns to families (poster False Vaccine Miths , poster VaccinQuiz, SIP pediatricians offering phone support to parents during the European Immunization Week) for the promotion of  a nationwide vaccination culture.
  • Participation in the document draft Right alimentation and nutrition education during early childhood as technical panel of the Ministry of Health.
  • Communication and information campaigns to families for the promotion of Right Alimentation and a Healthy Lifestyle (elaboration of the Transcultural Nutritional Pyramid , of the Physical Activity Pyramid , and the Physical Activity Guide for Children).
  • Educational Programmes for Health Care Professionals of Reception Centres in order to improve the health-reception of newly arrived Immigrant Minors, according to SIP guidelines of the Study Group for Immigrant Minors.
  • Adolescent Health Survey of middle and high school students in collaboration with Regional Education Officies.
  • Protocol of Understanding with the Postal Police and Facebook for the promoting of online security for families.
  • Realization of the Dossier Childrens’ Health and Regional Health Care Systems: unacceptable differences by the SIP’s Bioethics Committee that has highlighted the inequality of accessibility to Health Care due to the Regionalisation of Health Care Services.
  • Protocol of Understanding with ABIO, Associazione Bambino in Ospedale (Child in Hospital Association) for the accreditation of Italian pediatric wards to the Charter of the Child and the Adolescent in Hospital.
  • For more information visit the website (


last update: 02-May-2018
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