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Master in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes
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SIMPE - Società Italiana Medici Pediatri


SIMPE is the scientific society representative of Family Pediatricians.

The Association pursues aims of promoting research, training and scientific information in the pediatric field, in particular to promote and disseminate basic and clinical research on the main diseases related to child and adolescent health, also in collaboration with other societies, associations and scientific bodies.

The various objectives include organizing and providing ongoing training activities, enhancing the role of the child and adolescent in society, protecting psycho-physical health, defending their social rights, and defining actions to promote equity in society health issue, promote maternal breastfeeding and correct lifestyles in childhood and adolescence, promote relationships with Italian and foreign bodies, associations and foundations, including through the stipulation of partnership agreements.


last update: 16-Apr-2018
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