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KPA - Kenya Paediatric Association


Organization background:

The Kenya Paediatric Association (KPA) is an association whose principal members are paediatricians practicing in Kenya but includes researchers, paediatricians in training and any other cadres of health workers as associates. The KPA is a society dully exempt from registration under section 10 of the Society’s Act. Cap 108, Laws of Kenya.

We are a nonprofit, non-partisan body of paediatric practitioners committed to professional excellence and timely, quality service delivery to the children they serve. It was started in 1968 by a small group of paediatricians who were then providing healthcare services to a rapidly growing population. The purpose of the association then was to provide members with professional support and share clinical information that would enable them to handle new and emerging children’s diseases. The rationale for the association has not changed much since then. What has changed is the scope of its coverage and the occurrence of new and emerging diseases and trends among a diverse and growing population. In order to address itself effectively to this highly dynamic world where health has been classified as a right and enshrined in the Constitution, it is incumbent upon the association and its members to address themselves to this expediently.

Our Vision

An optimal healthcare environment for children.

Our Mission

To be the guide and leader in comprehensive child healthcare delivery through promotion of best practice in paediatrics training, research, policy formulation and capacity building of members.

KPA Annual Scientific Conference 2018:

Since inception, Kenya Paediatric Association has organized its annual scientific conferences for members to meet, exchange ideas and share experiences. We therefore have the pleasure of inviting you to the next Annual Scientific Conference to be held on 24th – 27th April 2017 at the Pride Inn Paradise Hotel in Mombasa. The theme for this year’s conference will be ‘Aligning Child Health to the Sustainable Development Goals’.

In 2018, KPA will also commemorate its Golden Jubilee Anniversary. This conference presents a unique opportunity to celebrate the association’s historic milestones in Promoting Child health since 1968 and set the strategic agenda going forward. The conference will have plenary sessions, symposia and poster presentations focusing on a range of disciplines aligned to the conference theme. We also hope to launch the KPA Strategic Plan (2018 – 2022) at the Annual Scientfic and Networking Night.

KPA Child Run:

The Kenya Paediatric Association together with many other generous organizations (IVAC, GSK, Ministries of Health etc) have, over the last four years conducted highly successful child health awareness campaigns in Nairobi. This has been in form of 10 kilometer runs around the suburbs by members of the public. Previous years have explored themes such as Immunization, pneumonia and child health in general. We believe these activities have contributed to the gains Kenya has enjoyed in reducing child deaths over the last 5 years.

We believe however that there remains much that is unfinished in reducing child suffering. We believe also that these awareness activities continue to make a difference. We are proud that pneumonia is now being attacked by a barrage of vaccines including measles, pertusis, diphtheria, Haemophilus Influenza B and from January last year Pneumococcal. We await the imminent introduction of rotavirus in our primary schedule. The run will be run by KPA in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

KPA Online CMEs

In line with KPA’s goal to build capacity of paediatricians country wide by disseminating knowledge concerning the causes, treatment and prevention of childhood and adolescent diseases, KPA rolled out a series of 6 online CMEs this past year. Our members have acknowledged information technology (IT) efficiency and now utilize it in their professional practice and patient management. Increasing the availability and quality of online CME, could possibly improve the health care situation, and establish a stable, well-structured, and effective medical care system for rural areas.

Additionally, online courses allow practitioners to participate in lectures with leading members of the medical community. With traditional courses, doctors were limited by their budgets, making it difficult to travel far to take a class led by foremost experts. Now, physicians and nurses can sign up and watch discussions with noted practitioners. This ensures that healthcare providers are being taught by the best educators possible. Ultimately, digital CME has improved access and strengthened the medical community.

State of the Kenyan Child:

As part of our Golden Jubilee Celebrations, KPA plans to print a newsletter which would give the state of the Kenyan Child. With this newsletter we wish to celebrate our gains in child health over the last 50 years and also set the strategic agenda for the next 50 years.


last update: 26-Apr-2018
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