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Master in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes




Among obstetric-gynecological subspecialties Pediatric and adolescent Gynecology (PAG) is the one dealing with genital and reproductive issues in female children and adolescents.

Involving both gynecologists and pediatricians, it takes care of medical and surgical diseases, such as precocious and delayed puberty, abnormal uterine bleeding, polycystic ovary syndrome, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, eating disorders, genital anomalies and neoplasms.

Pregnancy, contraception, abortion and sexual abuse in youngsters are other important topics in PAG.

The first PAG service was launched in 1940, in Prague, by Prof. Rudolf Peters, then the subspecialty spread throughout Europe and beyond, with dedicated medical doctors mostly  in Central-Eastern Europe and  Latin America.

The International Federation of Infantile and Juvenile Gynecology – FIGIJ held its first world conference in Lausanne, in 1971.

The Italian PAG Society - SIGIA, was established in 1978, in Rome; Prof. Mainaldo Maneschi and Prof. Andrea Salvati were its founding fathers.

At present  it numbers about 70 paying members, joining gynecologists, pediatricians, endocrinologists, general practitioners and midwifes, it is ruled by an Executive Board and the president in office is Dott. Gabriele Tridenti, gynecologist in Reggio Emilia.  

SIGIA is an active member of the International Federation of Infantile and Juvenile  Gynecology – FIGIJ and a founding member of the European Association of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology – EURAPAG.

The scientific leader of Italian PAG is Lady Prof. Vincenzina Bruni from Florence, where she founded an internationally accredited and still working “hub” PAG Service at Careggi Polyclinic,

“Spoke” PAG practices are present in almost all Italian regions

Since 1978 two world, two european,  and eleven national PAG congresses have been organized in Italy while local meetings take place every year up and down in our peninsula while for seventeen years a yearly postgarduate course in PAG has taken place in Florence.

In a forty years time three traities and several publications on PAG were issued by SIGIA;  the last one, entitled “ Good Practice in PAG”,  was published by Springer in  2018.

All news about SIGIA, announcements of events, scientific contributions and instructions for application are available on the society web site


last update: 16-Apr-2018
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