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Associazione Persone Williams Italia Onlus

APW Italia (Associazione Persone Williams) Onlus Italia - that means  Association of People with Williams Sindrome Italy - was created in 2016 to support and help people with WS and their families with following activities (among others) 
- we provide them informations about rights, centre of expertise, therapies
- we support parents with psychologists to help them to build a path of autonomy for their children/teens/adults.
- we try to improve the knowledge of Williams Sindrome among doctors, teachers, therapists, organizing conferences and meetings
- we act on a national basis and try to built a network around SW people. 
Actually we are developing a collaboration with the Italian Society of Pediatric Endocrinology to write the guidelines for the WS; Stefano Stagi is one of the member of the team chosen from the Board of Director to work on this project.


last update: 10-Apr-2018
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